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Appliances: Washing-machine



Choose the right washing-machine for your family

1Choose wash ability according to the family number

Family numberpeople

Wash abilitykg









2Drum or impeller?

1Wash time

Wash time of drum washing-machine is 1-2 hours, impeller is about 40 minutes.

2Impeller washing-machine is water-saving,drum washing-machine is electricity-saving.

Ordinarily drum washing-machines consume about 1.5 kWh for one work cycle, while impeller washing-machines consume about 0.5 kWh.Drum washing-machines save about 40%-50% water compared with impeller washing-machine.

3Wash quality

Impeller washing-machine can wash cleaner using ordinary water.The wash quality can be improved for drum washing-machine if increase water temperature.

4Damage to the cloth

Drum washing-machine cause less damage to cloth compared with impeller washing-machine. It is better to use drum washing-machine if your cloth is silk or wool.

Energy Saving Ways

1, Soak your cloth for 15-20 minutes before washing it. It’s more energy saving and clean.

2, Spray cleaner on dirty place like collar, cuffs and other parts of the dirty.

3, Use moderate water: 50kg water is good for 3-5kg cloth.

4, Moderate amount of laundry: too little or too much cloth could both prolong the washing time.

5, Select appropriate water temperature according to cloth material.

Detergent Saving

1, Using warm water can help saving detergent.

2, Using moderate amount of detergent according to the cloth amount.

3, Put cloth in water after detergent completely dissolved in water.

Healthy laundry

1, Remove the cloth out of washing-machine within 30 minutes after the end of the laundry.

2, Underwear should be washed separately using warm water.

3, Dry the washing-machine as soon as the laundry finished.

4, It is better to choose fragrance-free detergent.

5, Clean the garbage bag or box of washing-machine regularly.

Washing Machine Clean

1, Drain the sewage, wash the washing-machine after used.

2, Do not use alkali, gasoline, alkene material and hard brush to clean the washing-machine.

Other issues

1, Make sure there is no coins or other hard things in the pocket. Fasten the metal buttons of the clothes and flip the clothes.

2, Water temperature should not be too high, generally 40 is appropriate.

3, Check the washing-machine wire regularly.