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Appliances: Panel-TV



1, How to select TV?

Choose the TV size according to your house size:

House size(m2

TV size (Inch)







TV brightness and color temperature selection:

The best TV brightness range for human eyes is 100-200 cd/m2. 6500K is the best color temperature for the eye color of Asian.

Dynamic technology options:

It is harmful to human eyes watching a jittering or smearing pictures, it is better to choose 480HZ or better dynamic technology.

Make sure the material is not bad to human body:

Confirm the process of manufacture is environmentally friendly, and the materials do not contain lead, mercury and other toxic substances.

Choose energy saving products:

Try to choose energy-efficient TVs, it can not only save electricity costs, but also can reduce TVs’ temperature and prolong the lifespan of TVs.

2, Use of TVs

Should you hang up your TVs?

It is better not to hang up the TV when it is a Plasma TV or bigger than 47-inch.

Avoid long-time powering

Avoid long-time powering, which can cause dead pixels in big area.

Avoid frequent powering

Avoid powering the TV frequently, which can influence the lamp life and the TV lifespan.

Turn off the power

Turn off the TV if not need it. TV is still consuming electricity in standby mode.

Select moderate volume and brightness

Selecting moderate volume and brightness is not only good for your health, but also good for energy saving and environment.

3, Other safety issues

Do not dismantle the TV without professional guidance.

Do not clean the TV using a wet or hard cloth.

Avoid strong shock and vibration.

Avoid dropping water in TVs.

Avoid spraying cleaning fluid directly on the screen.