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Generally, the volume of 18-25 L is enough for an ordinary family if them do not cook large size food frequently.

Where to place microwave oven?

(1) Microwave oven should not be placed close to TVs, video recorders, radios and magnetic materials, so as not to affect the performance.

(2) It is better to set a separate electricity line for microwave oven because the power of microwave oven is big.

(3) Microwave oven should be placed on a dry and fixed platform.

What kind of containers can be used in microwave ovens?

Thermostable plastic, glass-ceramic and other material can be easily penetrated by microwave can be used. Alumium, stainless steel and other metal containers should not be used.

Microwave ovens should be cleaned with soft cloth after use.

Other safety issues:

1, Do not open the door firstly if there is fire. You should turn off the electricity, and then open the door after the fire is extinguished.

2, Do not turn on the machine when there is no food in the microwave oven to avoid damage to the magnetron.

3, Do not face the glass door closely to avoid damage to eye.