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Choose the right power according to different use

If the induction cooker is used for frying, the power should be more than 1900W. If it is used for hotpot, the power can be lower.

The items should be checked when purchase

·Make sure there is no damage on the plat and the plat should be flat.

·Make sure the fan is stable, and there is no noise.

Where to place the induction cooker?

·It is suggested that the induction cooker use an independent socket because of its high power.

·Keep the induction cooker away from steam. Do not put other material near the fan outlet.

·It is better not to place the TV, recorder and radio near the induction cooker to avoid the damage.

·The table where the induction cooker placed should be flat.

Pot selection

The pot material used on the induction cooker should be iron, not glass, aluminum, or copper.

Issues during use

·Do not put other iron materials on the plat when the induction cooker is under use.

·Make sure there is food or water in the pot when the induction cooker is turned on to avoid damage to the plat.

·Do not touch the plat directly when the induction cooker is on use or just used.

·It is better to place the pot on the center of the plat. Don’t put too much in the pot, not more than 70% volume of the pot.

·The pot should not be too heavy, the bottom should not be too small. If the pot is heavy, there needs a support.

Induction cooker clean

·Do not clean the induction cooker using metal material.

·Do not wash the induction cooker directly under the water-tap.

Other issues

·Turn the induction cooker off immediately if the fan stop working.

·It is better not to keep the induction cooker working continuously for a long time, turn it off for a while after about 1 hour working.

·Stop using the induction cooker if there is damage on the plat.