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Gas water heater purchase

1Choose the right gas water heater according to your gas type

2Different family situation, different region select different gas water heater

Small house with one kitchen and one bathroom, not big demand for hot water, the distance between kitchen and bathroom below 8m, the gas water heater with 8L/min will be enough.

Big house with large demand of hot water, the distance between kitchen and bathroom is above 8m, gas water heater with 10L/min will be enough.

Warmer area people could select gas water heater with a lower hot water supply ability compared with cold area people. Because the temperature of water from water supply system is different.

3Choose different gas water heater with different smoke exhaustion ways according to where you will fix the gas water heater

Just the kind of gas water heater with forced air supply and smoke discharge system can be fixed in bathroom.

Gas water heater use

1,Ventilation can help reduce harmful gases.

2,If incomplete combustion happens, turn the gas water heater off immediately and fix it before use again.

3,If there is gas odor in the room, turn off the gas water heater and open the window immediately.

4,Trun off the gas valve after use.

5,Check the smoke exhaustion fan regularly, make sure the smoke can be discharged fluently.

6,It is better not to use the gas water heater more than 15 minutes without stop.

How to save gas for gas water heater

1,Thermal efficiency of gas water heater is better than gas furnace, it is more energy efficiency to supply hot water for washing using gas water heater.

2,Longer water pipe consume more gas.

3,Clean the gas water heater regularly can help save energy.