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Where to place rice cooker?

Rice cooker should be placed on desktop, to prevent dust and water into the bottom.
 Use of rice cookers:
1, Make sure the outside of inner pot is dry when you start using the rice cooker. The bottom of inner pot must be firmly connected to the heating plate, make sure there is no foreign thing.
2,The food should not be too sour or salty to avoid damage to the pot.
3, It is best to boil a pot of boiling water 5-7 minutes, to help clean the new pot.
4, Keep pot closed for 10 minutes after the rice is boiled.
5, Generally, the best volume ratio of water and rice is 1:1. If the rice is a little dry or the rice amount is little, it is better to increase water ratio about 1.25:1.
Rice cooker energy-saving:
1, Remember to pull out plug from the outlet. Even if it is not on cooking mood, the rice cooker is still using energy to keep warm.
2, Soak rice for about 15 minutes before cooking to reduce cooking time.
3, Do not use rice cooker to boil water. Because rice cookers consume much more energy than water boiler to boil the same water.
Rice cooker cleaning:
1, Clean the inner pot with a soft cloth, do not use wire brush or other hard materials.
2, Keep water from heating plate.

Choose a more energy-efficient rice cooker
China has been the largest rice cooker producer and user in the world. And rice cooker is also the most popular small household appliances in China. According to statistics, every 100 households maintain more than 100 rice cookers. For family electricity consumption, small household appliances play no less roles than refrigerators or washing machines these kinds of big household appliances.  For example, the total volume of 180L refrigerators on Top 10 list consume 0.27-0.35 kWh per day, while rice cookers on Top10 list consume 0.35-0.40kWh per day. Compared with an ordinary rice cooker of 60% thermal efficiency and heat-preservation power of 40W, Top10 rice cookers can save 0.20-0.30 kWh every day. If 350 million families in China can choose a more energy-efficient rice cooker, we can save about 80million kWh every day.