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You can buy walling fans, stand fans, table fans and ceiling fans from the market.
1, What are the advantages of fans compared with air conditioners?
Compared with air conditioners, fans are cheaper, more energy saving, easier to install and clean. Because the wind from fans is natural, so it’s more healthy.

2, Blade size selection

Generally 300mm-400mm fan blade is sufficient for bedroom and study. The blade could be bigger if it is for a living room.

3, Start with fast speed, then turn to slow or moderate speed.

It’s better to start fans with fast speed and after it’s stable you can adjust the speed gear. For the same fan the energy consumption difference is about 40% between fast speed and slow speed.

4, Regularly cleaning

Frequently cleaning is good for fan running and more energy efficient.

5, Properly placed

It’s better to place fans besides the doors or windows, it’s good for air circulation and energy saving.

6, Speed control

Indoor wind speed should be controlled at 0.2 m/s-0.5 m/s, the maximum number should not exceed 3m/s.

7, Use timer                           

Use timer switcher to reduce power consumption when sleeping or leaving.