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1, How to select digital TV adapters?

After digital compression and modulation, the signal of image and sound from TV station becomes digital TV signal. The digital TV signal transmitted by satellites, terrestrial radio or cable, received by digital TV adapters and then been reverted as the original sound and image through the processing of digital TV adapter. Based on the different transmission ways of digital signal, digital TV adapters can be classified into terrestrial digital TV adapters, satellite digital TV adapters and cable digital TV adapters.

The terrestrial digital TV adapters receive wireless digital signal through antenna from TV tower, then process the digital signal and watch the television program on TVs. The coverage of the terrestrial digital television adapters is small and its ability of resisting interference is weak.

Satellite digital TV adapters receive the digital signal from satellites through satellite antenna and decode the signals. The coverage of satellite digital TV adapters is over the world and the ability of resisting interference is better.

Cable digital TV adapters transmit digital signal through cables and the signal is received by wired antenna. The signal is strong but the cable lines are complicated. Consumers can select the appropriate digital TV adapters according to the demands and try to choose the digital TV adapters with smaller on mode power and passive standby power to save energy.

2, Use of digital TV adapters

Cut off the power after use to reduce the passive standby time of digital TV adapters.

Place the digital TV adapters far from magnetic materials, such as mobile phone, speaker and so on.

No severe vibration during use.

The disk will be damaged with high temperature. Shut it down after long time use.