Top10 China presents the best energy efficient and money saving refrigerators on Chinese market.


1. Scope 


Household using refrigerator


Total volume is below 400L


2. Selection criteria 


To be selected in the Top10 product list, the products must meet the following requirements:



Total Volume (TV L)


 Standard daily energy consumption (kWh/24hours)


























3. Terms


Electricity cost (10 years): The electricity cost of the refrigerator in 10 years. The price of the electricity is set at 0.5 RMB/kWh. Unit: RMB.


Total storage volume: The sum of the volume of refrigerator's freezing compartment, cooling compartments and other functional compartments. Unit: L.


Freezing capacity: The quality of food freezed from 25 ° C to -18° C by the refrigerator in 24 hours. Unit: kg/24h.



Energy Efficiency Index: The ratio between 24 hours energy consumption and total storage volume:

  EEI = (24 hours energy consumption / total volume )*100.



Standard daily electricity consumption: Measured electricity consumed by the refrigerator in 24 hours. Unit: kWh/24h.


Annual electricity consumption: The electricity consumed by the refrigerator in one year. Unit: kWh.


National energy efficiency grade: This is the mandatory grading system for energy using products to disclose the energy performance to the consumers. Grade 5 is the minimum energy efficiency requirement for the market access and Grade 1 is the best for the refrigerators.


4. References


GB 12021.2 – 2008 The maximum allowance values of the energy consumption and energy efficiency grades for household refrigerators


GB/T 8059.1 – 1995 Household refrigerating appliances – Refrigerators


5. Data sources




China Energy Labeling Program


Zhongguancun online


Wanwei home appliance online


Manufacturers and online retailers


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