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Top10 China presents the most energy efficient household microwave ovens on Chinese market.


1. Scope


Microwave oven for the household or similar using.


2. Selection criteria


To be selected into the Top10 product list, the microwave ovens must meet the requirement of national energy efficiency Grade1 and perform in the most efficient way according to the energy efficiency of microwave oven both in the efficiency value and standby mode power:


Volume (V, Liter)

Efficiency value (%)

Standby power (W)








3. Terms



Microwave power: The power of the microwave oven when it performs the microwave heating function. Unit: W.


Barbecue power: The power of the microwave oven when it performs the barbecue function, if the microwave oven has the barbecue option. Unit: W.


Volume: The volume of the inside cooking space of the microwave oven. Unit: L.


Weight:The weight of the microwave oven. Unit: kg.


Efficiency value: The ratio of the output power and input power when the microwave oven performs microwave heating function. It’s the main indicator of energy efficiency of the microwave oven. The higher of the efficiency value, the higher of the efficiency. Unit: %.


Standby power: Thepower of the microwave oven when it does not perform the main function. Unit: W.


Barbecue energy consumption: The indicator to show the efficiency of the microwave oven when it performs the barbecue function, which is defined in GB24849-2010. Unit: Wh/K.


National energy efficiency grade: The mandatory grading system for energy using products to disclose the energy performance to the consumers. Grade 5 is the minimum energy efficiency requirement for the market access and Grade 1 is the best for the monitors.


4. References


GB 24849 - 2010 Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for household and similar microwave ovens


5. Data sources


China Energy Labeling Program




Wanwei Household


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