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Laptop Computer

Top10 China presents the most energy efficient and money saving laptop computers on the Chinese market.

1. Scope

The power of the selected laptops should be less than 750W.

The selected laptops could not have 2 or more than 2 independent display units.

The screen size should bigger than 11.6 inch.

2. Selection criteria

To be selected in the Top10 product list, the laptops’ typical energy consumption (kWh) should not exceed the following values:

Laptop type

Typical energy consumption (TEC) (kWh)



Middle class




3. Terms

Electricity cost (5 years): The electricity cost of the laptop in 5 years. The price of the electricity is set at 1.0 RMB/kWh. Unit: RMB.

Middle class: With an independent graphic display unit.

High-end: The CPU core of the laptop is 2 or bigger than 2, the system memory capacity is equal or greater than 2GB, with an independent graphic display unit and the memory interface is greater than 128 bit.

Low-end: The laptops below the middle class and high-end products.

TEC: The annual energy consumption of the laptop according to the test methodology ofChina efficiency standard GB 28380 – 2012. Unit: kWh

The lower the TEC of the computer, the more efficient it is.

TEC = (8760/1000)*(Poff*Toff+Psleep*Tsleep+Pidle*Tidle)


Time percentage








P- All kinds of power of a computer, unit: kW

T- The percentage of the computer’s various conditions, the specific value is provided by the national standard.

Turn off state: this is the lowest power consumption when a computer is connected to the electricity; this kind of consumption will probably be a timeless one and the customer cannot avoid it. (unless unplugged)

Sleeping state: the computer will automatically be in a lower consumption state after a period of nonworking conditions.

Idle state: the period when the program is loaded and in a acquiescent state before the sleeping state.

National energy efficiency grade: this is the mandatory grading system for energy using products to disclose the energy performance to the consumers. Grade 3 is the minimum energy efficiency and Grade 1 is the best.

4. References

GB 28380 – 2012 minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for microcomputers

5. Data sources

China Energy Labeling Program

Zhongguancun online


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