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Top10 China presents the most energy efficient household electric fans on Chinese market.

1. Scope

Household electric fans, including construction types of standing, wall and desk, etc.

2. Selection criteria

To be selected into the Top10 product list, the electric fans must perform in the most efficient way according to the energy efficiency value:

Construction type

Fan blade size (mm)

Energy efficiency value (m3/(min.w))










3. Terms

Electricity cost (10 years): The electricity cost of the electric fans in 10 years, according to the annual electricity consumption below. The electricity price is set at 0.5 RMB per kWh. Unit: RMB.

Annual electricity consumption: The electricity consumed by the electric fans within one year. The typical using time per year of the fan is set at 1500 hours. Unit: kWh.

Type: The construction type of the fans, including standing, wall and desktop, etc.

The blade size: The diameter of the blades of the fans. Unit: mm.

Airflow: The amount of air generated by the fan system. It’s the indicator of the capacity of the electric fans. Unit: m3/min.

Power:The electricity power input of the motor of the fan when it’s running. Unit: W.

Fan blade number: The number of the blades of the fan.

Energy efficiency value: Defined in the national standard GB/T 13380 – 2007, it’s the ration between the electric fan’s airflow and power. It’s the indicator of the energy efficiency of the fans. The higher the energy efficiency value, the better of the energy performance. Unit: m3/(min.W).

Energy efficiency value = Airflow / Power

National energy efficiency grade: The mandatory grading system for energy using products to disclose the energy performance to the consumers. Grade 3 is the minimum energy efficiency requirement for the market access and Grade 1 is the best for the electric fans.

4. References

GB/T 13380 – 2007 A.C. electric fans and regulators

GB 12021.9 – 2008 Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for AC electric fans

5. Data sources

China Energy Labeling Program

Zhongguancun Online



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