Top10 China presents the most energy efficient copiers, printers, and fax machines on Chinese market. As the essential office operation devices, copier, printers and fax machines consume considerable energy. Top10 China not only targets on the residential energy using products, but also on the commercial products. It can provide guidance for the companies to make better choice.

1. Scope

Copierprinterfax machinemultifunction device

2. Selection criterial

To be selected into Top10 lists, the products should meet the following requirements:

For color printers, color multifunction devices, monochrome multifunction devices:


Typical Energy Consumption (kWh/week)

Color printers


Color multifunction devices


Monochrome multifunction devices


For inkjet printers, inkjet multifunction device, needle printers:


Power of operation mode (W)

Standby mode power (W)

Default delay time (min)

Additional function power (W)

Inkjet printers





Inkjet multifunction device





Needle printers





3. Terms

Output speed:the maximum pages copied or printed by the device in 1 minute, with standardized paper (A4,one side and monochrome mode), Unit: pages/minute (PPM).

Paper size: maximum paper size.

Main functionCopyPrintScan or Fax

Typical Energy ConsumptionBased on testing and calculation methods defined in GB 21521-2014the energy consumed by the device in one week including working mode energy consumption and sleeping-mode energy consumption, Unit: kWh/week.

Power of operation mode: Sleeping-mode power following the calculation method defined in GB 21521-2014, Unit: W.

Default delay time: Defaulted time from the finishing of basic function to sleeping-mode, Unit: min.

Standby powerThe power of standby mode, which is the lowest power when the device connected to the electricity power, unit: W.

National energy efficiency grade: The mandatory grading system for energy-using products to disclose the energy performance to the consumers. Grade3 is the minimum energy efficiency requirement for the market access and Grade1 is the best.

4. References

GB 21521–2014 Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades of copy machines, printers and fax machines

5. Data sources

China Energy Labeling Program (

Zhongguancun Online (


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