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Top10 China presents the best energy efficient air conditioners on Chinese market. There are two different kinds of air conditioners - fixed speed air conditioner and inverter air conditioner. Generally, the energy efficiency of inverter air conditioner is higher than the fixed speed air conditioner. Because it used the variable speed controller for the compressor to fit the variable working load. Inverter air conditioner has particular advantage in the long time running. In China, different measurement methods and indicators are used to measure the efficiency of the fixed speed air conditioner and inverter air conditioner. Fixed speed air conditioner uses Energy efficiency ratio (EER), while inverter air conditioner uses Annual performance factor (APF). EER is not comparable with the APF, because of the use of different measurement methods and units.

As the fixed speed air conditioner takes about 50% of the market share, Top10 China presents the best fixed speed air conditioner for the convenience of the consumer's choice.

1. Scope

Fixed speed room air conditioner

Installation: split

Cooling capacity: below 7,500 W

2. Selection criteria

To be selected in the Top10 product lists, the energy efficiency ratio (EER) of the air conditioner should not be lower than the following values:

Total Cooling Capacity (CC, W)






For the free-standing air conditioner

Total Cooling Capacity (CC, W)






3. Terms

Electricity cost (5 years): The electricity cost of the air-conditioner in the cooling seasons in 5 years based on the annual electricity consumption below. The electricity price is set at 0.5 RMB per kWh. Unit: RMB.

Annual electricity consumption: The electricity consumed by the air conditioner in the cooling season in which air conditioner performs the cooling function in one year. According to the China energy labeling program's implementation regulation of the inverter air conditioners, the typical using time of the air conditioner of a cooling season is set at 1136 hours. Unit: kWh.

Cooling capacity (CC): Under rated load and specified conditions, the quantity of heat that is removed by the air conditioner from the room. It shows the cooling performance of the air conditioner. Unit: W.

Cooling power input: Under rated load and specified conditions, the power input that the air conditioner needs to maintain the operation. Unit: W.

Heating capacity: Under the rated load and specified conditions, the quantity of heat that is sent by the air conditioner to the room. Unit: W.

Heating power input: Under the rated load and specified conditions, the power inputs that the air conditioner need to perform the heating function. Unit: W.

Indoor discharge air-flow: In rated time, the quantity of air sent by the air conditioner into the room. Unit: m3/h.

Effective room space: The room space that can generally match the cooling or heating capacity to take full advantage of the air conditioner’s capacity. Unit: m2.

Heating Option: It indicates whether the air conditioner has heating function. It includes: cooling only or cooling&heating.

Indoor component noise: The noise of the indoor component of the split air conditioner system. Unit: dB(A).

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): The ratio of the cooling capacity divided by the cooling power input. The higher an air conditioner’s EER, the better. Unit: W/W.

EER = (Total Cooling Capacity) / (Total Cooling Power Input)

National energy efficiency grade: This is the mandatory grading system for energy using products to disclose the energy performance to the consumers. Grade 3 is the minimum energy efficiency requirement for the market access and Grade 1 is the best for the air-conditioners.

4. References

GB 12021.3 – 2010 The minimum allowable values of the energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for room air conditioners

GB/T 7725 – 2004 Room air conditioners

5. Data sources


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