China Motor System Energy Efficiency Improvement Policy Report

Jan 10, 2018

Motor consumes the largest proportion of China total electricity. The existing motor stock reaches about 2.1 TW and consumes annually 3400 TWh electricity, which accounts for 64% of total electricity consumption. In industry sectors, the proportion of electricity consumed by motors reaches about 75%. Chinese government implemented “motor efficiency improvement plan (2013-2015)” from 2013. This policy takes advantage of policy guide, standard development and market supervision and surveillance to improve motor efficiency and promote motor industry transforming and upgrading in the field of motor production, application, recycling and re-manufacturing. This plan has been officially finished at the end of 2015.


Based on the concept of motor system, this project implemented a series of project activities, including developing technical guide, conducting training and proposing recommendation of policy mechanism improvement, to explore the full energy saving potential of motor systems. It helps China to achieve the goal of 3 to 5 percentage of system efficiency improvement of China motor system before 2020, which hopefully could save electricity of 78 TWh to 130 TWh.

As the key outputs of this project, this policy recommendation report systematically summarizes the implementation status of motor system efficiency improvement plan, reviews and analyses all levels policies, introduced international experiences and lessons learned, identifies system and mechanism barriers and finally proposed a series of recommendations to improve future policies.


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Mechanism Research & Policy Analysis on China Motor System Energy Efficiency Improvement Policy Report