2016 Sustainable Consumption Week

Oct 1, 2016

the 2016 Sustainable Consumption Week (SCW) was organized by WWF in partnership with CCFA and the China Sustainable Retailer Roundtable (CSRR), advocating sustainable lifestyle choices in clothing, eating, housing, transportation and entertainment.


As a part of sustainable housing, the concept of “smart choosing & using” of energy efficient electric household appliances was conveyed to consumers. Especially with the support of Top10 China, CNIS, and CHEARI, WWF China initiated a series of on-line communication to interact with consumers to collect the frequently asked questions of energy efficient appliances, based on which smart use tips developed by Top10 China experts are provided to the consumers and readers. Especially, WWF, Top10 China, and CHEARI experts visited 3 selected volunteer consumer families to provide them with guidance on smart use of household appliances, based on which 3 consumer education videos were produced and disseminated, including: The Life We Dream For, Get to Know The Stand-by Power Consumption, and Tips for Energy Saving. The video was promoted via CSW’s online video portal (, WWF and Top10’s Weibo & Wechat, and broadcasted in the chain stores involved.  


In addition, the SCW consumer smart tips for 5 product categories (refrigerator, TV, air-conditioner, washing machine, rice cooker) was integrated in China Energy Label QR code platform, which can reach every consumer that scan the QR code on the label. Retailers and media were engaged during the SCW. In total 510 chain stores participated in the energy efficient appliance activities during Sustainable Consumption Week, broadcasting the consumer video, providing the consumers with smart use tips for 4 major electric home appliances on posters, leading the consumer to scan the energy efficiency label QR, and promoting energy efficient products. A media salon on energy saving was held in GOME store in Beijing, on which Top10 experts interacted with the media.