Study of Chinese New EES for Variable-Speed Air- conditioners, Washing Machines and Panel-TVs

Oct 9, 2015

zZHAO Feiyan, HUANG Luting, HU Bo, ZHENG Tan


In 2012, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Standardization Administration of China (SAC) jointly launched the “One hundred Energy Efficiency Standards Program” to develop or revise 100 energy efficiency standards (EES) and Quota (energy consumption per unit output) standards in 2 years. For household appliances, the EES of variable-speed (VS) air-conditioners, washing machines and panel- TVs have been revised in 2013. Compared with the old standards, the new standards improved the requirements for each energy efficiency grades and defined new energy efficiency parameters and test methods. Following the EES revision, some mandatory energy labels were also revised.

In this paper, the new Chinese EES for VS air-conditioners, panel-TVs and washing machines are introduced in details. An investigation based on China’s retail market data and government data has been done, and it analyzes the market changes of each energy efficiency grades for every kind of appliances after one year implementation of the new standards. This paper also provides suggestions improving current EES of household appliances.


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